4 Reasons To Use Oil To Heat Your Home

Canadian winters can be brutal, and it's important to ensure that your home stays warm throughout the colder months. There are many different ways you can make sure your home stays warm including using a heat pump, gas powered heat, and an oil heater. Oil heating is a popular method that many people choose to use for their home heat. Read on to find out the reasons why using oil to heat your home is a good choice. Read More 

Leaking Showerhead Causing Problems? | Step-by-Step Instructions For Eliminating The Leak

Are you tired of listening to your showerhead dripping all night long? If you are, there's a simple way to take care of the problem by yourself. Even if you've never done a plumbing repair in your life, you can repair a leaky showerhead. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions that will stop the leak so you can sleep. Remove the Faceplate The first thing you'll need to do is remove the faceplate in your shower. Read More 

Troubleshooting Common Problems with Your Water Heater

If you go to turn on your hot water and you find that only cold water comes out of the faucet, you want to try to fix the problem on your own. It may be a simple problem that requires very little from you in the way of repairs. If your water has turned cold, you should try the following. Make sure it's plugged in all the way While it's rare for a water heater to become unplugged, it can happen if someone has been around the water heater recently. Read More 

New to Septic Tank Ownership? 3 Things You Need to Know about Your Septic System

If you've never used a septic tank before, you might not know how to care for one properly. That can be a problem, especially if your new home is connected to a septic system. Before you start using your new septic tank, you should take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with some simple safety tips. These tips will help keep your septic tank running properly, and prevent costly problems. Read More 

When Washing Machines Go Bad: 3 Tips For Emergency Leaks

Electric washing machines are one of modern life's conveniences. If you have a washing machine in your home, you likely don't take the time to consider how to react to an emergency leak until it's too late. If you want to prevent a washing machine leak from causing serious damage to your home, here are three tips you can use to help you respond appropriately to an emergency leak in the future. Read More