Is Your Running Toilet An Emergency Situation?

If the water in your toilet runs day and night, you might worry more about your water bill than anything else. Although a running toilet can increase your utility expenses substantially, your toilet can also be a huge problem for your home. Learn why your running toilet is an emergency plumbing problem and why it's important to solve it now. Is a Running Toilet Truly an Emergency Situation? Whether it's a bad float mechanism or a damaged fill valve component that's causing your toilet to run and overflow nonstop, it's important to remedy the problem now rather than later. Read More 

Decoding Your Water Heater’s Warnings

There's no avoiding it: just about everything that you use on a day-to-day basis has a way to throw an error message at you. If you have a car manufactured in the last couple of decades, then it almost certainly has many potential methods of telling you that something is wrong. Home appliances haven't escaped this trend, and your tankless water heater likely has either several warning lights or an error message display. Read More 

Plumbing Repair Or Replacement? What Your Toilet Needs

The toilet probably isn't something you give much thought to—until it stops working. If you're not sure whether the plumber should repair or replace the bathroom fixture, take a look at the questions you need to ask first. Does Your Toilet Clog Often? Toilets clog for many reasons. Many of these are nothing more than the wrong amount or type of toilet paper or mineral/debris buildup inside the bowl. While these cause intermittent clogs, a plunger and a little patience can typically solve the problem. Read More 

Home Plumbing Pipe Replacement Guide

If you have just purchased an older home, you may be wondering if the plumbing system needs work. Pipes, in particular, can be a problem in an old home. While it is an investment to replace the pipes, it will also save you money because you won't have to deal with more extensive damage from leaking water in the walls. Also, old pipes can pose a health danger for your family. Read More