How To Deal With A Leaking Air Conditioner With Wood Flooring

Air conditioning is one of the luxuries that makes your life a lot easier. The only time air conditioning can cause a problem is when you have to deal with a breakdown. If an air conditioner stops working, you will generally know immediately. The air in the home will seem thicker after a while and the temperature will slowly grow hotter. One of the worst things that can happen if the air conditioner is expressing issues is a leak. Air conditioner leaks can ruin items, especially expensive hardwood floors. If your air conditioner is now leaking, there are a few things that you should do to help the air conditioner and save your floors. 

Stack a thick rug over the air conditioner

Directly below the area of the leak, you need to place a thick rug. The rug should be able to absorb water, so a rug similar to the one that you keep inside of your bathroom is a good idea. Be sure that the rug is able to withstand constantly dripping water, in the event that the leak gets worse after you have gone to bed. If the leak gets stronger, place towels on top of the rug. Be sure to rotate the towels so that they don't develop mold. 

Turn off and close the vent

An air conditioner leaking can be due to a series of problems. If you have not yet had the issue diagnosed, you should turn off the air conditioner. In place of the air conditioner, run fans all day to cool down the temperature of your home. Wipe down the a/c as best as you can and close the vents if possible. This will stop any leaking and will allow the air conditioner repair firm to determine where the leak is coming from and how quickly it is leaking water. 

Speak with an air conditioning repair firm

An air condition leak should be taken care of same day or next day if possible. Schedule an appointment with an air conditioning repair service like Doctor Fix-It and express exactly what is going on with your air conditioner. If possible, take a photograph or a video of the leak and send it to the firm before they arrive so that they can make an initial diagnosis of the problem. Wait until the repair service is at you home before making any changes to the air conditioner aside from turning off the machine.