Moving To A Rural Home? Check The Plumbing First

More room to roam, freedom from being packed in with neighbors, and a chance to reconnect with nature are just a few reasons to move away from the big city and into a more rural area. Unfortunately, unless you're specifically planning for a rugged lifestyle and not just escaping city traffic lights, there are a few services that need strong inspection and significant improvements before being comfortable. Here are a few plumbing and waste management issues to look out for in rural areas, as well as some suggested improvements. Read More 

How To Prevent Clogged Sewer Drains

Clogs in your plumbing are always a serious problem, but no plumbing clog is more serious than a clog in your sewer line. A blocked sewer drain will prevent all of your home's water fixtures and pipes from draining, effectively freezing your entire household and bringing the risk of backed up sewage, a serious health hazard. These blockages can be fairly expensive to have fixed, so it's a good idea to take a few simple steps to greatly reduce the likelihood of a sewer drain clog occurring. Read More 

4 FAQs When It Comes To Heatstroke

It's not uncommon for different parts of the country to experience heatwaves during the warm summer months. If you aren't careful when the temperature begins to soar, you may experience something called heatstroke. Here are 4 FAQs when it comes to heatstroke. 1. What Is Heatstroke? While some people argue that 98.6 degrees F is considered a normal body temperature, others say it ranges anywhere from 97.7 degrees F to 99. Read More 

Tips For Addressing A Loss Of Water From Your Well System

If your home relies on a water well and suffers a loss of running water, you will want to quickly address the issue so that you can restore the flow of water to your house. However, homeowners will often be poorly equipped to diagnose and correct common issues with their water well system. Ensure The Pump Is Receiving Enough Power One of the first things that you should inspect when you notice an issue with your water system is to verify that your pump is receiving power. Read More 

Plumbing Solutions to Keep Canines Clean Without the Extra Mess

Owning a big dog comes with a lot of positives. The dogs are great guards, awesome to play with, and can provide a lot of comfort for the whole family. Big dogs can also create a big mess in your home. Keeping your dogs clean is almost a daily effort, especially if they are often going outside or if they shed a lot of hair. To help keep things more manageable, you can have a number of plumbing upgrades installed in your home. Read More