Why Is Your Drain Gurgling?

You run water in your sink and suddenly you hear the faint sound of gurgling. What is this sound? Why is it happening? Have you ever experienced this, or is this something you are currently experiencing? If so, you should have it checked out, as gurgling from a drainpipe is not a good thing. In fact, it is an indicator of a bigger problem that you should not ignore. If this is currently happening in your home, it is important to understand why this is happening and what to do about it.

The Main Reasons Drainpipes Gurgle

Gurgling is a sound you should not hear from any pipes or fixtures in your home, and if you are hearing this, it typically means that there is a blocked vent somewhere in your plumbing system. It could also mean there is a blockage in the drainpipe somewhere. When there is no blockage present, water has no problem going into the pipe and through it. It will then end up in your septic system.

When there is a blockage, there is resistance. The water will want to go down through the pipe because this is how gravity works, but there will be something that is prohibiting this from happening. The result is that the force of the water, trying to get through a restricted line, ends up getting pushed back a little bit, and this is what will cause you to hear gurgling. The gurgling is telling you that there is some sort of restriction that is not letting the water flow freely.

How to Fix the Problem

You could try to fix this problem on your own, but it is probably better to hire it out so it is done right and thoroughly. To fix it, a plumber would have to be able to find the blockage, and there are several ways to do this. First, the plumber will check the vent, as this is a normal cause of gurgling drainpipes. If there is a clog, the plumber will unclog it.

If this is not the problem, the plumber will check the drainpipes in the home to narrow down where the blockage is. Once located, he or she will clean the line.

It is absolutely vital for you to fix this problem if you are experiencing it, as it will turn into a much bigger problem if you simply ignore what you are hearing. You can learn more about gurgling pipes and the options for fixing them by calling Michigan  Plumbing.