New Water Heater: What To Do Before the Installer Arrives

Preparing for the installation of your new water heater can ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are some ways you can prepare. Space Considerations Make sure that the space for your new heater is adequate, especially if you are upgrading to a larger capacity heater model. A water heater needs at least six inches of space on all sides, and preferably more so that it is easy for technicians to access the unit for maintenance. Read More 

A Guide to Septic Tank Leaks

A leaking septic tank is a major concern. Not only can it affect how well your sewage and home drainage system functions, but it can also pose a health risk to both your family and the environment. To learn more about septic tank repairs and leaks, read on.  Symptoms of Septic Leaks Some leak symptoms are noticeable in the environs of the tank. These can include sewage odors in the yard, standing water over the tank, and lush grass growth caused by the high nitrogen content of the leaking sewage. Read More 

Troubleshooting A Dishwasher That Won’t Fill

A dishwasher that fails to fill with water is a problem, whether it completely fails or it simply doesn't fill to the required level. There are three main components that relate to water flow in the appliance — the inlet valve, float assembly, and door switch. Problems with any of these components are typically at the root of why your dishwasher is staying dry. Fortunately, all three components are repairable. Read More 

5 Benefits Of Sewer Video Inspections

A few years ago, before sewer video inspections were introduced, plumbers used to dig trenches in lawns and hammer through paved surfaces to identify sewer problems. Luckily, sewer video inspection was invented, and things have never been the same. Now, sewer issues can be found and fixed without the use of disruptive exploratory digging and drilling methods. Discussed below are some benefits of sewer video inspections. 1. Accurate Diagnostic Results Sewer leaks are difficult to discover, and the conventional methods might not be enough to identify all issues. Read More 

Drain Flies: A Plumbing Problem With A Solution

Drain flies aren't really a pest problem so much as they are a plumbing problem. If you suspect that you may be dealing with drain flies, the following information can help you eliminate them for good as well as improve the health of your plumbing system. What Do Drain Flies Look Like? Drain flies are small, typically no much larger than a gnat or fruit fly. They resemble small moths more than they do flies, though. Read More