Three Simple Plumbing Projects That Will Likely Increase The Value Of Your Home

There are many small improvements that can add value to your home, especially those involving plumbing work. The following are three plumbing projects that you may want to consider for your house that may increase the value of your home as well as make it more enjoyable.

Installing a sprinkler system

Many houses in a particular tract may not have originally been built with a sprinkler system. If your house is in this category and you have noticed that some of the other homeowners around you have installed a sprinkler system, you may benefit by installing one also. It is likely that homeowners selling in your neighborhood will be able to demand a higher price for the convenience of a sprinkler system. You may not need sprinklers in your backyard unless you have a lot of shrubbery or a significant amount of grass.

Adding a shower to your bathroom

Some homes that have more than one bathroom may have one with a tub but no shower. It is a straightforward job for a plumbing contractor to add a shower to an existing bathtub. If you install an extra shower in your home, and other homes in your neighborhood do not have this, it will be a additional selling point that adds value to your home. After the shower has been installed, you may want to consider adding a shower door rather than utilizing a shower curtain.

Adding a utility sink in your garage

If you have a washer hookup in your garage, it is a simple job to add a utility sink near the water and drain pipes of the washer hookup. This type of sink in a garage has many uses, and is certainly a selling point for home buyers. Some people like a sink for soaking certain clothes before washing, but others may find the sink useful for hobbies such as carpentry, auto mechanics, or any activity that saves a trip inside the house to wash something, even your hands. A nearby water source and sink in any garage will make your garage more attractive to home buyers.

Of course, you don't have to make these changes in order to sell your home, but they will likely increase the value of your home. Therefore the equity in your home will increase as well. However, it is important for this work to be done by a licensed plumbing contractor. The plumbing improvements listed above are not big jobs, but a plumber will do it right, and they will also do it according to the local building codes. In addition to this, your homeowner's insurance policy may require you to use a license plumber for this type of improvement.