What to Do if Water Is Leaking Behind or Under Your Refrigerator

If you have a water dispenser or ice maker, there's a water hook-up to your refrigerator. Unfortunately, these plumbing hook-ups can sometimes leak and make a big mess for you and your kitchen. If you've noticed that there's water pooling under your fridge, here's what you need to do to get it fixed safely. Shut Off Water The first thing you should do is immediately shut off the water main and the power to your home. Read More 

Avoiding Problems: Three Ways A Plumber Can Help You Maintain Your Plumbing

A lot of people only reach to call a plumber when a problem strikes. But you might be able to avoid the majority of these problems by calling a plumber to help you out on a regular basis. For example, an annual visit from a plumber could make a big difference in helping to maintain the plumbing around your home so that major problems don't strike. Here are three things they can do for you. Read More 

What Plumbing Issues Should You Check For Before Buying An Older Home?

Just because a home is older does not mean it can't be perfectly safe and enjoyable to live in. But you do need to exercise a little more caution when buying an older home than when buying newer construction. The systems inside the home, and in particular the plumbing, become increasingly prone to trouble as they age. You do not want to accidentally buy a home that needs $10,000 in plumbing repairs that you were not aware of. Read More 

Why Is Your Drain Gurgling?

You run water in your sink and suddenly you hear the faint sound of gurgling. What is this sound? Why is it happening? Have you ever experienced this, or is this something you are currently experiencing? If so, you should have it checked out, as gurgling from a drainpipe is not a good thing. In fact, it is an indicator of a bigger problem that you should not ignore. If this is currently happening in your home, it is important to understand why this is happening and what to do about it. Read More