Why You Should Definitely Have A Water Softener Installed

Having a water softener installed may be one of those things you keep planning to do but then put on the back burner. Maybe you're having trouble justifying the cost, or perhaps you just haven't felt like sticking around and waiting for the plumber. Well, it's now the time to schedule that water softener installation! Here are some reasons why it's totally worth it. Your shower experience will be so much more satisfying. Read More 

Five Reasons For A Water Heater Leak

A leaking hot water heater can be both an inconvenience and a hazard. Fortunately, most reasons for a leak only require a small repair. The following are the five most common reasons for a leak. 1. Failed Temperature Regulation When the temperature inside a hot water heater gets too high, steam and pressure build up in the tank. This pressure is released through the top of the tank, through the pressure relief valve, and it is then routed through a pipe towards the ground. Read More 

Higher Water Bill? Look for These Plumbing Issues!

It can be alarming to open up a water bill and find that it is much higher than usual. Although increased seasonal usage or rising rates could be the culprit, the problem often lies somewhere in your plumbing system. The following are some common causes of increased water use. Toilet Issues Toilets can waste water for a couple of reasons. Issues with the flushing and filling mechanisms can lead to the slow leak of the constantly running toilet. Read More 

Common Reasons For Well Pump Failures

The well pump that moves the water from your well to your house can wear or fail. Some common things can cause a failure of the well pump, but many can be remedied so that the well and the well pump continue to be viable for many years. Pump Age One of the most common reasons a well pump stops working is the age of the pump. A submersible well pump typically lasts about 15 years in a perfect situation. Read More 

3 Times You Need To Call In An Emergency Plumber

There are lots of plumbing emergencies that the average homeowner can handle on their own. However, there are some plumbing emergencies that are just so complicated, messy, or unsafe that you need to call in an emergency plumber. An emergency plumber is one that will get there as quickly as possible, no matter the time or the day of the week, to help you with your plumbing emergency. A Pipe Burst in Your Home Read More