Why You Should Definitely Have A Water Softener Installed

Having a water softener installed may be one of those things you keep planning to do but then put on the back burner. Maybe you're having trouble justifying the cost, or perhaps you just haven't felt like sticking around and waiting for the plumber. Well, it's now the time to schedule that water softener installation! Here are some reasons why it's totally worth it.

Your shower experience will be so much more satisfying.

Showers should be satisfying, but when you have hard water, they can be anything but. You may feel like you have to use handfuls of soap just to get clean, and then when you get out of the shower, your skin is so dry and itchy that you have to layer on the moisturizing lotion. Installing a water softener will help with both these issues.

Softening the water removes minerals that keep soap from getting foamy, so you can use less soap and still have a nice lather. Without those minerals building up on your skin and leaching its moisture, you'll have softer skin — even without the extra lotion. All in all, this will mean you look forward to your shower time even more.

Your laundry will come out cleaner and nicer.

You pay good money for your clothing, so of course you want it to last. With hard water, you often have to put a ton of laundry detergent in the washer to get the clothing anywhere close to clean. Then, when it is washed, it can take on a stiff texture. That's all those hard water minerals accumulating in the fabric! Over time, this can cause your clothing to wear out prematurely.

Install a water softener, and you'll be able to use less laundry detergent. Plus, your clothing will return to its nice, soft texture. You'll appreciate this every time you put it on.

You won't have to scrub mineral deposits off your fixtures and tubs.

Are you tired of always having to scrub mineral deposits off your shower head and soap scum out of the tub? Both of these problems occur due to hard water. You're going to be fighting a never-ending battle against the minerals and scum until you install a water softener, so install one promptly and give yourself a break.

Most plumbers are willing and able to install water softeners, so schedule an appointment and enjoy the relief that lies ahead.