5 Benefits Of Sewer Video Inspections

A few years ago, before sewer video inspections were introduced, plumbers used to dig trenches in lawns and hammer through paved surfaces to identify sewer problems. Luckily, sewer video inspection was invented, and things have never been the same. Now, sewer issues can be found and fixed without the use of disruptive exploratory digging and drilling methods. Discussed below are some benefits of sewer video inspections.

1. Accurate Diagnostic Results

Sewer leaks are difficult to discover, and the conventional methods might not be enough to identify all issues. Video inspections give real-time inspection and the exact location of the sewer issue. Upon noticing any problems, the specialists work fast to fix the problem because delaying could lead to increased repair costs and long-term property damages.

2. No Nasty Yard Scars

Digging a trench along the sewer line to identify a hole or a crack on your sewer line leaves nasty scars on your lawn. Sewer video camera inspections are less intrusive and eliminate the guesswork in the clog and leak detection. With sewer video camera inspection, only a small entry point is required to identify problems with your sewer or drainage system.

3. Cost and Time Efficiency

Trenchless technology means you will have to spend less time and effort identifying and fixing sewer issues. It also means lower expenses during repair or replacement. The no-dig solution also brings predictability. The repair experts can now estimate the costs of repairs and the time it will take to fix a problem. The tech has also enabled homeowners to keep an accurate plan for timely sewer repairs and replacements.

4. Secure a Reference Video

A sewer video inspection will give you a visual reference of your pipes' condition for insurance purposes or your own use. Insurance companies may decline to pay your sewer leak or damage claim if there is not enough evidence. Therefore, footage obtained from camera inspection will help prove that you deserve to be compensated.

5. Identify Future Issues

Requesting for a sewer video inspection even before you notice issues could help identify and fix underlying problems. For example, a camera inspection can reveal emerging cracks or future clogging caused by the soil in the sewer line. It is much better to pinpoint an issue and fix it before it strikes or gets worse.

With the above benefits in mind, be sure to schedule a sewer video inspection service to identify and fix issues in your sewer system. You will get accurate diagnostics and catch potential issues before they turn into serious and expensive problems.