Five Things To Consider When Installing A New Kitchen Faucet

If your old kitchen faucet is all worn out, then it's time to look into a replacement. Part of the process of a new faucet install is picking out exactly what faucet you would like. The following are just a few things you should consider.

1. Mount Style

Faucets come in two main mount styles -- sink mount and wall mount. Sink mount faucets are installed either along the edge of the sink, or on the counter directly behind the sink. Wall mount faucets are installed on the wall above the sink. This choice is mainly aesthetic, although a wall mount can help save space in a small kitchen, allowing room for a larger sink. If your home isn't already plumbed for a wall mount faucet, then plumbing will need to be run up the wall. You will also may need to replace the sink if it features a cut out for faucet installation.

2. Shape

Faucet shapes also come in two main varieties -- high arc and low arc. The arc basically indicates how high the faucet nozzle sets above the sink. High arc faucets are most suitable for shallow sinks, since the additional arc allows room for filling large pots. Low arc faucets are best reserved for deeper sinks.

3. Spray Options

Integrated sprayers are a feature that most people desire on a kitchen faucet. You can opt for a separate spray head or an integrated spray nozzle. Separate spray nozzles are usually attached at the faucet base. Integrated nozzles are actually part of the head of the faucet. You can pull it out from the faucet arc and use it as a sprayer with the push of a button. Integrated sprayers take up less room, but the spray hose may not be as long.

4. Finishes

The sky is the limit when it comes to finishes. You can opt for classic and durable stainless steel, or you can go with a copper, brass, or nickel finish. Finishes come in smooth, brushed, or glossy options as well. Choose a finish that compliments the other metal finishes in the kitchen. It's generally a better option to go with a classic finish rather than following a current trend.

5. Accessories

Finally, don't overlook the variety of features available in modern faucets. Integrated water filters are a popular option. You may also want a separate pot filler spout, particularly if you opt for a low arc faucet.

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