Repairing Three Common Issues Your Water Heater Might Encounter

A modern water heater will typically be among the most reliable appliances in a home. However, individuals will still find that these devices can suffer damages that will have to be remedied if the home is to remain supplied with a source of hot water. Luckily, it can be possible to prepare yourself ahead of time for some of the more serious and even devastating problems your water heater could encounter.

Large Ruptures

A major rupture in the plumbing lines can be a significant problem for your home. When these damages occur, they can result in the water inside the reservoir of the water heater flooding out into the rest of the home. Not surprisingly, this can rapidly result in extensive water damage to the room where the water heater is located as well as the rooms below it. Unfortunately, the water supply line that fills the reservoir will continue to pour water into the damaged reservoir, which can further worsen this problem.

Discolored And Smelly Water

Discoloration of the water coming from the heater or the presence of strong odors will often indicate that bacteria have started to grow in the water heater tank. Fortunately, this is a relatively simple issue to correct due to the ability of a water heater repair contractor to thoroughly sanitize the interior of the tank so that any bacteria that are present will be eliminated. In most cases, this type of work can only take a few hours to complete, but it will require the entire water heater to be drained.

Clogged Lines

The water heater system will have a couple of supply lines that both bring water into the system and carry it away. Unfortunately, these supply lines can become severely clogged over time, and this can actually result in the water from the system stopping. If you notice that the supply of hot water has less pressure than it normally does, this may indicate that these supply lines are starting to become clogged. If your home has a hard water problem, it is likely that this is being caused by minerals developing inside these lines. A water heater repair contractor will be able to dissolve these mineral accumulations so that the flow of water can be restored. In situations where these blockages are the result of sediment accumulations, a thorough cleaning of the system will remove these sediments. While homeowners may assume that sediments are only a problem for those with water well systems, this can also be an issue for areas where the water utilities use aging pipes.

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