Preventing Clogs In Your Main Sewer Line: Three Tips To Follow

Your main sewer line can be a source of many headaches if it becomes clogged, but there are several steps you can take to help prevent this issue. Here are a few approaches to consider to help your main sewer line stay clear and free from clogs.

Inspect The Landscaping

Trees and bushes that are too close to the main sewer can create clogs. Roots can grow too deep and breach the outside of the pipes. This is particularly true if your property has old clay pipes, which can be more fragile than other materials. Identify where the main sewer line is, or contact a sewer service if you are unsure, and then take a look at the plant life growing nearby. Having trees and bushes removed early can help prevent problems from taking hold.

Consider An Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Enzyme drain cleaners can help break down fats and oils that can lead to clogs. These cleaners also help digest organic waste, making them well suited for use with sewer systems. You can use these cleaners every month to help maintain the pipes, or you can also use them if you suspect a blockage has begun to form. If you aren't sure which type of enzyme drain cleaner to use, contact your plumber for help. He or she can provide recommendations or handle the drain cleaning process for you.

Flush Your Drains

Flushing your drains can help rinse away debris before it begins to build up in the plumbing system. This can help prevent small clogs throughout the home as well as large clogs in the main line. Consider creating a schedule for drain cleaning and flushing for your home. You can tackle the enzyme drain cleaner task and the task of flushing your drains at the same time every month. Fill up your sinks and tub with hot water using your stoppers, and release the water into the plumbing system. You can also add extra water to a low-flow toilet to help clear debris from those pipes as well. Before you flush a slop sink in the laundry room, be sure to clear out any lint that might have collected from your washing machine. You don't want to flush the lint down the drain when you run the water.

You can also schedule regular rooting service for your main sewer line. This can help keep the pipes clear and handle small clogs before they become a big problem.