4 Ways To Keep Your Shower Drain Flowing Smoothly

The shower drain seems to be one of the drains in the house that gets clogged up the most often. Shower drains often get clogged because water is far from the only thing that goes down them. Soap scum, grim, lint, and hair also go down your drain, and can cause things to get clogged up. There are steps you can take to ensure that you don't feel like you are taking a half-bath, half-shower due to all the backed-up water you are standing in.

#1 Cover Up That Drain

The best thing you can do for your shower is to get a drain cover. There are a wide variety of drain covers you can get, from silicone drain covers to metal drain covers. The type of cover really doesn't matter; it's how well it works. Try out different drain covers until you find one that works well at stopping and keeping your hair from going down the drain.

Once you find the right drain cover, make a habit of cleaning off the drain cover at the start or end of your shower. If you allow hair and lint to build up on your drain cover, you'll be right back to standing in a pool of water while you shower.

#2 Keep Oils Away

Grease and oil are horrible for your drains. Keeping grease out of your kitchen drain is a common clog prevention tip. However, keep in mind that grease and oils can also make their way into your shower as well.

Avoid using body oils and other body products that have oil in them when you are in the shower. This will help prevent grease and oil from building up on the sides of your shower drainage pipe and clogging things up.

#3 Run Your Shower

When you get out of your shower, don't turn the water off right away. Instead, turn the water up so that it is as hot as can be, and allow the shower to run for a minute or two. This will help rinse and flush away all the soap and grim that builds up in your shower and in your shower drains while you are taking your shower.

#4 Clean the Drain

Finally, make sure that you are actually cleaning the drain pipes in your shower. Even though you can't see them, you can still clean them. Pour a half bottle of white vinegar down the drains, and let the vinegar sit for around ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse away the vinegar with a few minutes of steaming hot water. This will help remove build-up inside of your pipes in a natural manner.

The key to keeping your shower drain working effectively is to stop hair and lint from going down your shower, keep oil-based beauty products out of the bath, allow soap grime a minute or two to flush away after your shower, and clean your shower drains with vinegar. These drain cleaning tricks should keep your shower from getting backed up