How A Plumbing System Shows Its Age

An edging plumbing system can fail on you without warning. You should know the telltale signs of a failing plumbing system so that you can intervene and, if necessary, replace the pipes and fixtures to avoid unwanted leaks. Here are some of the things that should tell you your plumbing system is showing its age.

You Are Dealing With Constant Mold Problems

Mold thrives in moist places, which means you have a moisture problem in your home if you are constantly battling mold. Of course, the moisture may come from other sources other than leaking plumbing pipes, but the odds of it being caused by your plumbing system are high if the system is old and you can't figure out an alternative cause of the problem.

In some cases, you may even notice actual water leaks in various parts of your house. This may happen with pipe joints that are no longer snug as they were when they were first installed or with corroded pipes that have developed holes or cracks.

You Are Getting Discolored Water from Your Pipes

Metal plumbing pipes corrode over time; even those that are painted with anti-corrosion materials do corrode after many years after the protective material is eroded. One of the most obvious signs of corroded water pipes is the appearance of reddish brown water from the pipes. Note that corrosion is much more than a little annoying; in the long run, it may lead to pipe damage and even cause leaks.

You Have Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure may also be a sign of an aging plumbing system. This happens when mineral deposits collect within the pipes and, over many years, reduce the diameter of the pipes. You should suspect that this is the case if your plumbing system is old and the water pressure coming into your home is optimal.

You Have Noticed Rusted and Flaking Pipes

You should conduct a visual inspection of the exposed sections of your plumbing system if you suspect that it is aging. Your suspicions will be confirmed if you can notice rusted and flaking pipes. This is something the pipes cannot recover from; replacement is the only solution.

You Are Dealing With Increased Water Bills

Lastly, you should also suspect leaking water pipes if you have noticed a gradual increase in your water bills. This is particularly true if you haven't increased your water consumption. In such a case, you are probably dealing with hidden leaks.

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