Common Issues With Water Softener Tanks

If you have a water softener, then you probably know how to device works. Basically, salt is used to replace the minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water, so it is no longer "hard." This type of process requires the use of a brine tank, which holds the salt. Water moves into this tank and then into the main part of the softener. Sometimes, the brine tank will not work correctly though. Keep reading to learn about some issues with the tank and how they can be remedied.

Water Remaining In The Brine Tank

One of the major issues with your brine tank involves the buildup of water within the tank. In other words, the water does not leave the brine tank completely, and you may end up with water that is not softened properly. If your water does seem to be softened, then there is a chance that the excess water left behind in the tank is not releasing through the drain tube like it should, so check for a clog in this line. Also, sometimes a small leak in the tube that runs from the brine tank to the main tank can cause water to backflow, so check for this as well.

If the device does not seem to be softening, then there may be a kick in the line running to the main tank. Clogs in the injector system, filtration clogs, check valve issues, and tank float problems are all issues that can develop. Also, pressure issues involving the water flowing both into and out of the brine tank can lead to water remaining in the tank. Basically, consistent pressure is required for water to flow properly. 

Water Level Is Too Low

A water level that is too low in the brine tank can cause issues as well. In this situation, like with a brine tank that retains some water, the main tank will be unable to soften water properly. Typically, the issue will involve a kink in the filling water line or one that is completely clogged. Also, the float switch will sometimes stick, or the fill control system will not work properly, which will limit the amount of water that is drawn into the brine tank. 

To check the float, gently press on it. It should move up and down freely. If it does not, have the float replaced.  If you want to know more about possible water softener brine tank issues, contact a water softener company like Aqua Masters Water Conditioning Inc.