Tips For Avoiding Serious Plumbing Problems

Avoiding serious plumbing problems should be a key concern for anyone that owns a home. Plumbing issues can be extremely disruptive, damaging and expensive to repair. However, there are many basic steps that homeowners will fail to take that could help them to avoid the problems plumbing issues may create.

Be Mindful Of The Way You Use Your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher may be one of the more commonly used plumbing appliances in your home. While a modern dishwasher can be extremely effective at removing debris from your plates, you should take the time to scrape as much of the food from the plates as possible. Otherwise, this food could enter the pipes where it may cause clogs to form.

Flush All Your Drains On A Regular Basis

Every few weeks, it can be a good idea to thoroughly flush all of the drains in your home. When you perform this maintenance, you will remove debris, residues and other materials that may have started to accumulate in the drain. This can help to improve the flow of water while also combating odor-causing bacteria. For maximum effectiveness, you can pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar down the drain after flushing it as this will neutralize bacteria while also masking any drain odors.

Wrap Any Exterior Pipes In Insulation

Frozen pipes are a problem that can quickly cause major damage to the home as the pipes will be prone to rupturing. For homes with exposed exterior pipes, it is essential to wrap these pipes in a thick layer of insulation. This will not entirely prevent the pipes from freezing, but it can drastically reduce the risk of this occurring. If the pipes are properly insulated, freezing should only be a risk during periods of exceptionally cold weather or below-freezing temperatures that last for extended periods of time.

Monitor Your Water Bill

Leaks are a very common problem for a plumbing system to experience. However, they can be difficult to notice as they may be hidden behind walls or floorboards. One way to help you identify potential leaks is to monitor your water bill. If you notice that the bill is steadily increasing or experiences a sharp and persistent increase, you may have a leak that needs to be repaired. Fortunately, plumbing contractor services have the tools needed to help them to quickly identify the sources of the leaks so that repairs can be completed. By contacting these services as soon as possible, you can minimize the money wasted on higher water bills and the damage to the home.