How To Find A Water Leak In Your Home

Are you concerned about a potential water leak somewhere in your home's plumbing? If so, you'll be looking for ways that you can detect a leak. Unfortunately, this is not always easy when plumbing can be hidden out of the way in places where you cannot see it. These tips will help you discover a leak in your plumbing:

Check The Water Meter

Do you have a water meter that shows you the current water use? This can be a great way to detect if there is a leak somewhere in your home. Start by shutting off the water main going to your home, which includes all water flowing to faucets, appliances, and the hot water tank. If the water meter is not moving, then you know the water meter is working properly.

You can then systematically open different sections of plumbing in your home to see if the water meter moves. You may discover that the meter ticks upward only when a certain water line has water flowing through it, which is an indication of a leak somewhere in that run of pipes.

Use a Water Alarm

Do you have a crawl space that you cannot easily access or an old hot water tank that you fear will leak water? These are great places that can benefit from using a water alarm. These are alarms that will make a loud sound if they get wet from leaking water. You can place them on the ground in potential problem places, and you'll be sure to hear the alarm in your home if they go off.

There are also smart water alarms that you can connect to using your smartphone. They can give you notifications of a water leak, even if you are not at home to hear the alarm. This is great for summer homes that you are not occupying all year round, or just to ease your mind about your home being safe when you are away.

Use Food Coloring

Every wonder if your toilet has a slow leak? You can test it with some food coloring. All you need to do is add a few drops to the tank, and if the color ends up making its way to the bowl then you will know that you have a leak. You'll need to replace the flapper inside the tank to prevent the toilet from regularly letting water leak down the drain.

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