Tips For Addressing A Loss Of Water From Your Well System

If your home relies on a water well and suffers a loss of running water, you will want to quickly address the issue so that you can restore the flow of water to your house. However, homeowners will often be poorly equipped to diagnose and correct common issues with their water well system.

Ensure The Pump Is Receiving Enough Power

One of the first things that you should inspect when you notice an issue with your water system is to verify that your pump is receiving power. It can be possible for a circuit breaker to flip, the wiring to degrade, or other issues to arise that could prevent the pump from getting enough power. If you notice that the breaker is in the correct position but the pump is not receiving power, this could indicate that the wiring has suffered problems, and you should leave the repair to a professional. Attempting to repair electrical issues with your pump can be extremely dangerous, but a professional will be able to safely and effectively repair the problem.

Check For Leaks

A sudden drop in water pressure can also be caused by a substantial amount of the water leaking out of the system. When looking for leaks, you should closely inspect the pump and the ground near the buried line that runs from the pump to the house. If you notice that an area of the ground is wet, this could indicate that the waterline has ruptured or suffered some other type of major leak. You can help to alert yourself to this potential problem by investing in a leak monitoring system. These devices will be installed in the ground near the buried waterline, and they will activate if they detect localized areas of prolonged moisture as this can indicate a leak.

Test The Well To Determine If Its Water Level Is Low

If you find that the pump is receiving electricity and there is not an obvious leak, you may want to check the water level in your well. It can be possible for this water level to gradually reduce over the course of time, and this could make it difficult for the pump to draw enough water into the system. The steps for checking the water depth of your well will vary based on the design and depth of the system. In situations where the water level is too low to be drawn into the pump system, you may be able to correct this problem by having the well drilled deeper.

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