Plumbing Solutions to Keep Canines Clean Without the Extra Mess

Owning a big dog comes with a lot of positives. The dogs are great guards, awesome to play with, and can provide a lot of comfort for the whole family. Big dogs can also create a big mess in your home. Keeping your dogs clean is almost a daily effort, especially if they are often going outside or if they shed a lot of hair. To help keep things more manageable, you can have a number of plumbing upgrades installed in your home. These upgrades will make it easier to keep your dog clean and help prevent a lot of plumbing problems that are associated with larger dogs.

Mesh Shower Screens

Any time that you wash your dog, you could be rinsing off clumps of fur and hair. This hair can quickly clog up drains and create all types of plumbing issues. If this is the case, then you will want to install mesh shower screens in your shower stalls or tubs. Plumbers can order specialty screens that fit underneath drain openings. These screens cannot be seen in the shower, so you will not accidentally step on them or create some type of clash with your shower decor. Once a week or just after a dog's bath, you can clean out these screens and eliminate all of the fur that has collected inside of it. The mesh screens can also be installed in kitchen or bathroom sinks. This is ideal for when you're rinsing off a dog's brush or other things that may have a lot of hair accumulated on it.

Outdoor Faucet Extension

After a long day of playing outdoors, you may want to clean and rinse your dog off. Doing this process in the house can create a huge mess. To help keep things more controlled, you can use your backyard hose. If you have an ideal location for these hose baths, you may want to have an outdoor faucet extension installed. Adding an extra faucet will make it easier to access water and choose the best location for the rinses. For example, if you have a cement patio area, it will be easier to rinse the dog off there rather than on the grass. With the extra faucet, you do not need to drag a hose all the way across your yard and make an extra mess. Everything can be contained in one area for a quick clean-up. A plumber can help install this extension and ensure that it connects properly to your water system.

Patio French Drain

When you decide to clean your dog off outdoors, you do not want to create a tempting mud puddle in the process. One leap from your giant dog can create a huge mess and cause even more cleaning issues. To help prevent standing water and puddles while cleaning your dog outdoors, you can have a plumber install a French drain for your patio. These drains can be placed level with the ground and are designed to capture any extra water that goes onto your patio. Not only is this great for cleaning dogs, but it's also ideal for rain storms and any other weather situations like snow melt offs.

Raised Platform Shower

If you prefer to clean your dog indoors, then you can may want to consider having a raised platform shower installed in your home. These showers are typically installed in a mud room or laundry room of your home. This means that as soon as your dog is brought in from the outside, they can step into the shower to get cleaned off. The raised platform helps keep the dog at your level, so you do not have to bed over or stand uncomfortably to clean the animal. Not only is this is ideal for the dogs, but you can use the shower to clean off carpets or dog beds that dogs have also gotten dirty.

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