Got A Leaky Toilet? 2 Causes So You Can Get It Fixed

If your toilet is leaking, there are many possible causes. No matter the cause, you need to get it fixed quickly before it turns into a much larger problem. In some cases, you can fix the toilet on your own. In others, you need to call a plumber. Below is some information about causes of leaks so you can get started fixing your toilet.

Condensation Building Up

Condensation can build up on the outside of the toilet and can be bad enough that it can spread to the floor, where it will turn to water. Condensation happens because the water inside the toilet is cold and the air temperature inside your bathroom is much warmer.

To check for this problem, touch the sides and the back of the tank to see if it feels wet. You can take care of this problem easily by installing an anti-sweat toilet tank valve. This valve mixes warm and cold water that goes into the tank so the water temperature is not as cold. You can find this valve at hardware or home improvement stores.

Leak Inside the Toilet

If you do not have condensation built up on the outside of the toilet, the leak could be coming from inside the tank. You can check this on your own. First, remove the toilet tank lid carefully. Drop a few drops of food coloring in the tank water. Wait for about 30 minutes. If you see water on your floor that is the same color as the food coloring that you used, then there is a leak inside the toilet. You may also see a few drops of colored water inside the toilet bowl.

If you determine there is a leak, you need to figure out where it is coming from. Look at the bolts on the floor to ensure they are secure. Also look at the rubber seals around the bolts to check if the seals are worn out.

If you do not find a problem with the bolts or seals, look to see if the water is coming between the center of the toilet bowl and the tank. If so, you should contact your plumber if you are not experienced working with plumbing. In a case like this, the toilet has to be completely removed, or the plumber might replace the sponge gasket and washers.

Contact your plumber if you do not feel comfortable with the steps above or if you cannot find where the problem is.