Three Ways To Keep Your Drains From Smelling

Your bathroom may not always smell like a vase of roses, but you should not have to deal with nasty odors coming from the drain. And nasty odors coming from your kitchen drain can make any meal unappealing. Thankfully, there are plenty of good strategies that can keep your drains from getting smelly.

Keep your sewer vents clear.

Sometimes, the odors coming from drains aren't due to grime in the drains, but rather to a blockage in the sewer vents. The smelly air is supposed to emerge from the sewer vent on your roof, but if this vent is blocked, the air may have nowhere else go go but up through your drains. Once or twice a year, climb into a ladder and check that there's nothing blocking your sewer vents -- like leaves and debris. In the winter, keep an eye on your sewer vent and use a broom to push show away from it if needed.

Pour boiling water down the drain.

Odors are often caused by the growth of bacteria and mold in the soap scum and organic material that build up on the inside of a drain. An easy way to keep these organisms at bay is to pour a few cups of boiling water down the drain every week or two. The heat will kill bacteria and mold while also rinsing away a lot of the scum that they feed on.

Pour baking soda into the drain.

If boiling water alone does not do the trick, dump a box of baking soda into the drain. Let it sit there overnight. It will absorb the lingering odors. You can then wash it away with boiling water or even some vinegar. Try to do this every month or two even before your drains start smelling.

Keep food scraps out of the sink.

Follow this advice in your kitchen. Keep a metal trap in the sink drain to catch food particles; don't let them go down the drain, even if they are small. The food particles can cling to soap scum on the sides of pipes, and then emit odors as they rot.

If your drains are stinky and you can't seem to clear the problem up on your own, get in touch with a local plumber. There may be a larger blockage either in your drain pipes or in your sewer vent, and by clearing it out, your plumber can ensure your drains smell fresh again.

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