How To Add The Convenience Of A Sink In A Half Bathroom

Half bathrooms are great additions to any home, but they do come with their drawbacks. Most half bathrooms are small enough that adding in a sink is a difficult prospect, or doing so will make the bathroom seem far more crowded and cramped. If you want a sink but don't have space for one, or want to use the extra room for something else, a toilet sink basin may be what you need.

Toilet Sink Basin

Toilet sink basins are what they sound like: sinks attached to toilets. Toilet sink basins sit on top of the toilet tank, drawing on the intake water that the toilet fills its tank with in order to flush the toilet. This water is clean, and safe to wash one's hands with. Upon flushing a toilet, toilet sink basins first run the faucet, allowing you to wash your hands. The water from the basin then flows into the toilet tank, which will be used when the toilet is next flushed. In short, you have all of the convenience of a full-fledged sink without taking up any additional space in your half-bathroom.


Toilet sink basins take up very little space, but they're also extremely ecological. Any water you would spend use washing your hands in another room following using the toilet will instead be put into the toilet for the next flush, saving water in the process. This is referred to as grey water, a form of recycled water that's commonly used for watering plants, lawns, and flushing toilets.

In addition, toilet sinks in half-bathrooms can help to reduce the spread of germs, as you won't have to open any doors or touch any other faucets to wash your hands after using the toilet.

Installation Process

Installing a toilet sink basin is extremely easy. If you've ever connected a faucet to a water supply, you're well-prepared to install a toilet sink basin.

In short, all you need to do to install a toilet sink basin is to remove your old toilet tank topper and to put the toilet sink basin in its place. Then, you simply use the included tubes and attach them to the water intake of your toilet. When properly connected, the water will first flow through the faucet, then down into the toilet through the sink's drain.

If you have no experience with installing bathroom equipment, calling a plumber is worth it to add a new level of convenience to your half-bathroom. Contact a plumber like O'Brien Plumbing today to upgrade the usability of your half-bath.