Loud Faucets: Four Common Culprits Causing Noise

Faucets should normally be quiet. Although they do make some noise, it should be limited. If your faucet is particularly loud or noisy, it can quickly become very annoying. Fortunately, a noisy faucet is something that is usually easy to fix.

So what might be causing a loud faucet? Here are four common causes:

1. Clogged Aerator

A clogged aerator may be the cause of your noisy faucet. Mineral deposits and debris can easily become stuck inside the mesh screen of the aerator. This can cause noise as the water attempts to push through the debris to exit the faucet.

The good news is that this is an easy fix. All you need to do is unscrew the aerator, which is located on the tip of the faucet. Once removed, clean it out with warm water. If it still doesn't come clean, you might want to just replace it.

2. Rusty Washers

Another common culprit for noisy faucets are washers. If the washers are worn out or the wrong size, you might notice that your faucet makes a loud squeaking noise. Although this might sound like a difficult fix, it is actually pretty easy.

To fix the washer issue, start by turning off the main water supply. Once the water is off, disassemble the faucet to remove the handles. When the handles are off, look at the washers. If they look old, rusted, or incorrectly sized, purchase new ones and replace them. If you don't now how to disassemble your faucet, look at the manual or contact a professional plumber for help.

3. High Water Pressure

High water pressure may also be the cause of your noisy faucet. If your water comes rushing out in a hard and fast stream, it is likely that the water pressure is too high—and this is the root cause of the noise. To fix this issue, install a water brake. Purchase a water brake and install it on your main water line according to manufacturer directions. If you don't know how to do this or don't feel comfortable doing this, enlist the help of a plumber.

4. Old Plumbing System

If your plumbing system is very old, it might be noisy because of its age. In this case, the best course of action is to replace the plumbing system altogether. Dirt, debris, and buildup can all cause serious issues in your plumbing—including causing noise from your faucet. However, make sure you have a professional inspect your system before replacing it.

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