2 Reasons To Consider A Radiant Heating System

Deciding to install radiant heating in your home is a great choice due to the many advantages that it has over traditional heating systems. Below are two important reasons to consider a radiant heating system.

Better Air Quality

One of the biggest advantages provided by a radiant heating system is that it can improve the air quality within your home since it is not going to blow air through your ducts. This is very useful as duct systems tend to accumulate a lot of dust, hair, and allergens over time.

When a traditional heating system turns on it will begin blowing those accumulations out into the air in every room of your home. Some complications that can arise as a result of this are people in your home having more frequent allergic reactions, falling ill more often, and experiencing a worsening of an existing respiratory condition.

A radiant heating system avoids this issue by using heating panels or water pipes to heat your home instead of blowing air or duct systems, so there is no place for the dust and allergens to accumulate nor will they be spread through the house by the heating system. The pipes and panels will be installed inside the walls and floors of your home to heat up those surfaces so that they can begin radiating heat into the home.

Heating Control

You should also consider a radiant heating system because it will allow you to have more control over how your home is heated. In many cases, traditional heating systems will work to heat the entire house at once.

This is a fantastic feature if you have a large family or want your home heated as quickly as possible, but it is not a great feature from an efficiency standpoint. The reason for this is that rooms that may be empty are still going to heated, which is a waste of energy and will unnecessarily increase your utility bill.

However, a radiant heating system can avoid wasting energy by allowing you to specify zones that can be heated whenever you like. This is useful because you could set up a heating zone that includes the bedrooms and another one that incorporates the rest of the home. This will allow you to activate the bedroom zone at night when people are sleeping and ignore the empty hallways, kitchen, living room, and other areas.

Speak to a heating contractor today in order to get the radiant heating installation process started. This method of heating is a great why to make your home more comfortable, healthy, and efficient.